Applications for the JobKeeper scheme are now open for employers and sole traders.

Applications for the JobKeeper scheme are now open for employers and sole traders. Applications for eligible non-employee business participants in companies and trusts are expected to be available soon. We have fielded countless questions about JobKeeper over the past few weeks and expect to field many more this week. We also expect to be kept very busy making applications for JobKeeper on behalf of our clients.

It is not possible for us to individually contact all of our clients about applying for JobKeeper. Given our workload, we ask that if you contact us by email with your questions about your eligibility or how to apply. Over the course of the week we will do everything we can to provide the service and advice that our clients require to access JobKeeper. After much internal discussion we have settled on a fee schedule for JobKeeper services. We understand that almost every business that finds themselves having to apply for JobKeeper is experiencing financial difficulty but we also need to keep our staff employed, so we cannot possibly provide these services for free.

JobKeeper application fee – starting at $250 plus GST. This is for the initial application only, and includes helping you to assess your business’ eligibility. If you require more assistance to help identify eligible employees this fee may increase.

Payroll setup & adjustments – starting at $120 plus GST. This is for our Xero payroll clients who may need some changes made to their payroll processing. If we need to make changes to staff pay templates, and/or adjust pay runs already posted that relate to the period since JobKeeper began, this fee will increase by $30 plus GST per employee.

Monthly turnover reporting – $150 plus GST per month. It is a requirement of JobKeeper that eligible businesses report their turnover at the beginning of each month – both actual for the previous month and projected for the current month. This will apply from the first month of eligibility to the last.

The last thing we want is for businesses and individuals to miss out because of an incorrect or late application; timing is important when it comes to JobKeeper. If the prospect of paying fees for assistance with JobKeeper is a concern, we urge you to contact us if you would like advice on how you might be able to handle the JobKeeper scheme on your own.