Lockdown 2.0

Here we go again. As regional Victoria enters stage 3 restrictions again, we will be forced to close our doors to clients after close of business on Wednesday August 5. We anticipate that lockdown 2.0 is going to have more of an impact on our ability to service our clients compared to what we experienced in round one. The fact of the matter is that in most cases working remotely inhibits collaboration among staff, makes it more difficult to teach and learn, and slows throughput. Many of you will also have experienced the horror show that is working from home with small children, and some of the ID team will be dealing with this again from tomorrow. Unfortunately there will be delays in completing accounting work like annual financial statements and tax returns, so we ask for your understanding. Please keep in mind that most 2020 tax returns are not due to be lodged until May 2021, so there is no rush, however we are acutely aware that many of you have had your income reduced as a result of business restrictions over the last four months, that there is an expectation that this might lead to larger than normal tax refunds, and that you are keen to get that cash in the bank as soon as possible.

If you already have an appointment to come into the office from Thursday onwards, we will be in touch to discuss changing that meeting to a telephone or video conference. If you have an appointment to come into the office prior to Thursday and you are in any way uncomfortable about that, please contact us as soon as possible on 5221 1000.

Some staff will remain in the office, so if you need to drop off or pick up documents this can be arranged but please call first.

Stay safe.