Worry less about dealing with the ‘system’.

We help you make the system work for you. Our team has deep experience dealing with Centrelink and the know-how needed to help you get what you’re entitled to. 

We can answer most questions on the spot, in clear language and with life-ready insights relevant to you and your situation. We help you contact Centrelink if needed, and work with you to get the most out of what can be a daunting, complex system. 

We also keep you up-to-date on any Centrelink changes that might affect you.

Our trusted advice covers:

  • Strategies to maximise your Centrelink pension / allowance / benefit
  • Strategies to help you qualify for concession /low income health cards
  • Supporting you with completing and lodging applications and paperwork
  • Supporting you to keep Centrelink informed of any relevant changes

Partner with the accountants with experience.

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